Why Shower Glass Explodes – Shower Door Shattering

Have you ever arrived home to find your glass shower screen shattered? While this is a rare accident, it can be a very frightening and dangerous issue. These glass shower doors seemingly explode into tiny fragments on no accord and without any incident, and the noise it makes as it crashes to the floor is enough to scare anyone. 

In this latest blog, we thought we explore why shower glass explodes and what you can do to prevent yours from shattering. 

shower screen glass smashed exploded

Why shower glass explodes

The glass in shower doors is designed to be incredibly strong and is capable of withstanding hot temperatures and impact. However, there are certain things that can cause your glass shower screen to shatter, including:

  1. Imperfections 

The most common reason is imperfections that arise during the tempering process. Although this is rare, over time these imperfections place a lot of stress on the glass, eventually leading it to shatter. 

  1. Poor installation 

Another common cause that leads to shower glass exploding is improper installation. This can place significant pressure on the frame, while damaged parts such as rubber stoppers can see it fall out of alignment, increasing the pressure further. 

  1. Bad luck

Sometimes, it can just be bad luck. A minor knock or scratch might not appear visible to the eye, but the regular heat cycles your door goes through can have a big effect and eventually leading to it exploding. 

How to prevent your shower door exploding 

Now you know what shower glass explodes, it’s important to know what steps to take to reduce the risk of it happening to you. The first is to undertake regular inspections for signs of damage and replacing or repairing it immediately should you see any. You should also be careful with the door, avoiding slamming it. 

You can also consider adding safety film to the exterior to improve the strength of the glass and prevent it from shattering into tiny pieces. 

Has your shower glass exploded?

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