What Size Stove Rope Do I Need?

Do you know what size rope you need for your stove? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from our customers, so to help you we have taken a closer look at how you can work out the size that you need.

A stove rope is an essential part of your stove, helping to seal the door and the stove glass, so if you have noticed yours is showing signs of breaking, you should replace it as soon as possible. If you are not sure what size stove rope you need, here is how you can work it out:

1- Tease the rope away

The first thing that you should do is to tease the rope away from the stove. To do this, when the stove is cold, open the door and you will see the rope running around the edge. Over time, the rope can become squashed so once you have removed it, form it back into a round shape.

2 – Measure the diameter

Once you have been able to remove the rope and reshaped it, the next stage is to measure the diameter. To do this, simply place a tape measure or ruler against and read the record the measurement in millimetres.

3 – Identify the type of rope

Next, you should then identify the type of rope that is being used. There are two main types of strove rope, soft and standard. Soft has a much looser weave, which can feel like a marshmallow when squeezed. On the other hand, standard rope has a much tighter weave that can feel like squeezing your finger.

4 – Measure your gasket rope or seal

Finally, you should then measure the diameter of the gasket rope or the self-adhesive flat seal.

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Why does a stove have a rope?

Rope is an essential part of the stove. While many people believe that a stove should be 100% airtight, this is not possible due to the nature of steel and cast iron. However, the addition of stove rope helps to ensure the stove can be as close to airtight as possible.

The seal it helps to create prevents too much air being drawn into the firebox, which can result in over-firing and your glass becoming blackened.

What rope is best?

Here at Me and My Glass, we know how important it is to use the very best type of rope possible. That is why all of our seals are manufactured from soft-weave fibreglass, ensuring a heat resistance of up to 1200°C and making them safe for use in any closed heating appliance or flue system.

When should you replace a rope seal?

To ensure your stove is working as designed, we recommend checking the condition of your rope at least once a year. However, should you notice that it is drawing more fiercely than normal or that there are tar deposits beginning to build up, it could be a sign that the rope could need replacing.

In need of a new rope seal?

If you are in need of a new rope seal, then Me and My Glass is here to help you. You can buy it online by clicking here.

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