Log Wood Burner Maintenance & Glass Care

It’s getting to that time of year again, where the days are getting darker and the cold weather is drawing in. Now is the perfect time to give your log wood burner a good clean in preparation for the cold winter months ahead! Maintaining your log wood burner guarantees an efficient and effective heating method and maximises its lifespan. Here are some tips and tricks to help make the most of your log wood burner.

Log Wood Burner Maintenance

The first thing to do is check the door seal. To do this, get a piece of paper and close it into the door. If the seal is good, the piece of paper should be lodged in the door, and not easily moved. Repeat this process around the whole door to make sure the seal is tight. If the seal is damaged (the paper is easily pulled from the closed-door), then it’s time to replace the rope seals. Although, some modern log wood burners may allow for the door to be adjusted which can help maintain a tight seal (please refer to your log burners manufacturer manual).

If you notice any cracks or chips, you can fill these in with a filler kit catered to log wood burners. Keep an eye out for any rust before doing this. If you notice any, it can be easily removed by using steel wool. Gently use circular motions to erode the rust away, then these areas can be repainted, using a filler kit.

Whilst using the log burner, you should keep a close eye on the cleanliness of the burner. This includes checking the throat or deflector plate (see manufacturer’s manual) and cleaning away any soot or dust deposits. If this part of your burner is damaged or loose, then it should be replaced before you can use your burner again. Furthermore, excessive ash on the bed of the burner can reduce its efficiency, so its best to remove any excess ash on a regular basis.

Log Wood Burner Glass Care

It is also important to maintain the log wood burner glass. Firstly, check for any cracks in the glass. If the glass is cracked, then it should be replaced by a heat resistant ceramic glass to maintain a safe and efficient burner (contact Me and My glass for a free quote). However, the main glass care involved is cleaning the glass to remove any accumulation of ash and soot. To clean the logwood burner glass, you can use any standard glass cleaner. For any tougher build ups, you can use damp newspaper dipped in some ash, then gently use circular motions to buff away the build-up. Likewise, you can use water, washing detergent or oven cleaner to do this. However, do not use any harsh and abrasive powders or cloths to do this, as you will risk scratching the glass!

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