Locating your Holes in your Glass

If you need to show us the hole locations in your glass, please refer to the graphic below.

The example below is showing the locations for 2 holes in a piece of glass. The holes are the red dots.

In order for us to understand where the hole is, you would need to provide the labels – A, B, C, D & E.

Please make sure you are measuring the right side of the glass for your holes. Length and height are indicated on the graphic.

For ceramic glass, the holes have to be a minimum of 50mm away from the glass edge.

For toughened glass, we can drill the holes closer. The only issue you have is the closer you get the more risk you run cracking the glass when tightening screws. 50mm to hole centre is standard but you can go as close as 20mm.

The minimum size hole is based on the thickness of glass. For example, 4mm holes can be achieved with 4mm thickness glass.

Any questions please get in touch.

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