How to Install a Bath Shower Screen with Hinges

Are you considering renovating your bathroom but worried about how to fit your new bath shower screen when it arrives? Whether you’re upgrading from an old shower curtain or redecorating to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics, Me and My Glass is here to help. Join us as we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to install a bath shower screen for you to follow.

After all, bath shower screens offer the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality when injecting style into your bathroom decor. And while bath screens may come in various shapes and sizes, including as a ‘fixed,’ ‘foldable,’ or ‘hinged’ screen, the fitting process remains reliably consistent.

It’s worth noting that the majority of bath shower screens are installed using hinges to allow the screen to move. So, if you’re looking to install a bath shower screen above a bathtub, we will walk you through the process of fitting the screen and supporting wall hinges.

Here at Me and My Glass, we’ll supply you with the glass unit and the wall-mounted hinges to complete this. However, if you’re looking to install a wall U-channel instead, you can head over to our helpful shower screen installation guide here.

What you’ll need before you get started…

Before we start our guide on how to install a bath shower screen, be sure to have all the tools you’ll need to complete the job. So here’s what you’ll need:

  • Assembly screws and wall plugs
  • An electric drill and drill bits
  • A hacksaw
  • A pencil
  • Screwdrivers
  • A sealant caulking gun and sealant
  • A small file or sandpaper
  • A spirit level
  • A tape measure
  • A wall scanner

Additionally, having a second pair of hands is always helpful, so be sure to ask a friend or family member for help. Because while it’s still possible to complete the job independently, the extra assistance makes the critical measuring, aligning, and fixing aspects of the installation much simpler.

Step 1. Connect The Hinges to The Glass Screen

matt black hinges

When first attaching the bath shower screen to the hinges, identify the pre-cut cut-outs in the glass unit as pictured below. These cut-outs are where the hinges will fasten to the glass shower screen securely before you mount the hinges on the wall.

These two parts consist of the hinge and the cover plate and are positioned on either side of the bath shower screen glass to secure it in place.

Remove the 4No screws to the reverse of the hinge, removing the cover plates completely.

Apply the rubber gasket as provided with your hinge (One either side of the hinge).

Fix the hinge into your fixed panel first, tighten this up with cover plate on.

Lift the door into hinge location second, tighten this up with cover plate on.

Step 2. Add The Seal

For over-the-bath shower screens, we highly recommend adding a shower seal. To do this, you can run the seal attachment along the bottom for the full length of the glass unit.

Fitting this seal will form a waterproof barrier between the bathtub and the shower screen. Additionally, the seal enables the screen to grip the bathtub firmly during use while also allowing you to move the screen when getting in and out of the bath.

Step 3. Mark Up the Wall

Once you’ve added the seal, using the pencil, now you can begin to mark where the screw holes need to be drilled. Always start with the lowest hinge before aligning the remaining fasteners above with a spirit level. This ultimately ensures the bath shower screen lines up correctly before you start drilling.

Note: If your bath shower screen hinges are being fixed to a tiled wall, our tip is to try to position the hinge screw holes over the grouted area around the tile. This can prevent the need to drill into a tile itself, which can cause the tile to crack or split. However, if the grouted area is not in line with the shower unit hinges, always be sure to use a tile drill bit.

Step 4. Drill The Screw Holes

When learning how to install a bath shower screen, you must use the wall scanner before you start drilling. Wall scanners immediately alert you of concealed pipes and electricity cables, ensuring you can proceed safely.

Now, using the correct drill bits depending on the material you’ll be drilling into, drill each screw hole marked up. Once all the holes have been drilled, secure each opening by inserting a robust wall plug into each.

Step 5. Fit the Glass

This is where an extra pair of hands is useful. While your assistant helps by supporting the weight of the glass, you can now start fitting the bath shower screen unit.

Once every screw is in place, be sure to tighten them thoroughly to ensure the hinges are all secure and the bracket or hinges do not wobble or move once screwed in.

 You’ve successfully installed your very own Me and My Glass bath shower screen.

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