How to Clean Stove Glass for Great Results

Over time your stove glass will get dirty with soot from burning the wood. There will come a time when you will need to clean the stove glass. So we have created an easy guide on how to clean your glass for great results. 

Step 1

First, you need to wait until the wood burning stove has cooled down. Once this has happened wear protective gloves before you start cleaning. This can protect you from getting dirty and potentially burnt if the glass hasn’t cooled down.

Step 2

Now get a cloth and run it under the tap. Once done, wipe down the glass as this will remove dust and soot. Do this before applying any type of cleaning product.

Step 3
This is the step to get your stove glass cleaner out of the cupboard and apply to the glass. There is a wide range of cleaning products for stoves each having their benefits. After getting the right cleaning product, follow the instructions carefully as some of the products are different.

Step 4

When applying the cleaning product, make sure it doesn’t go on to the rope seal as you may have to replace it if this has been contaminated.

Step 5

Once you have followed all the instructions from the glass cleaning product you now have a clean piece of glass. Before you light your stove you want to confirm that the wood burning stove is completely dry. You might want to leave it a day or two. But double-check that it’s dry!

To reduce cleaning your stove glass on a regular occurrence in the future, we would recommend looking at your airwash system and see if it’s all working well. We would also advise using the right fuel as this can stop the glass from getting dirty.

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