Glass Top Tables: Why They Shatter & How to Protect Them

Have you ever found that your table top glass shattered for no reason? This can be an incredibly frustrating and worrying moment, but it is not as uncommon as you might think. By law, every glass table top in the UK has to meet the General Product Safety Regulations, and are designed to be as safe as possible,

However, despite these regulations, many people have found that their glass table has shattered. So why does this happen?

Why do glass table tops shatter?

Glass table tops are a fantastic choice, and they are an incredibly durable and long-lasting solution. These toughened glass solutions are designed to shatter upon impact to reduce the risk of injury from jagged shards. The use of toughened glass also allows the table top to be more resistant to heat and temperature changes. 

However, while toughened glass table tops are incredibly strong, they are not immune to random shattering. If the glass has become chipped or scratched, it can weaken it which could result in the glass table exploding. Sometimes, this damage is not always visible, so it can make it appear like the glass table shattered for no reason. 

It is not always down to damage, though. A very uncommon reason why a glass table might shatter for no reason is due to Nickel Sulphide particles becoming trapped in the glass. Over time, this can cause them to expand, resulting in the table breaking. Sudden temperature changes can expand the chipped glass and break the glass.

How can you care for glass table tops?

While finding that a glass table has shattered is rare, there are certain things you can do to help reduce the risk of damage. This includes:

  • Being careful not to place heavy objects on the table or to slam them down 
  • When assembling your table, do not lay the glass table top directly onto hard or rough surfaces, instead placing it on the grass or cardboard. 
  • Try not to place very hot or cold products such as saucepans or disposable barbecues directly onto the table top. This sudden change in temperatures can result in the glass shattering or cracking. 
  • Not placing your full weight onto the glass or letting young children stand or sit on the surface. 
  • Always ensuring that you are using coasters, tablecloths and place mats when eating or drinking to prevent your cutlery from scratching or damaging the table. 
  • Regularly cleaning the glass with professional glass cleaner to prevent grit and dirt building up. 
  • If your table has a parasol, then you should always use a weighted base to keep it in place. In windy conditions, you should remove it. 
  • Cover the glass table during the winter months or when not in use. 

Thankfully, finding that your glass table has shattered for no reason is rare. However, it is not impossible. That is why you should always ensure you take the very best care of your table. 

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