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Are you looking to renovate your kitchen? Want to give your bathroom a unique new look? A glass splashback is a fantastic addition to any home, and here at Me and My Glass, our mission is to provide our customers with the very best glass splashbacks possible. 

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, and our team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have. To help you, we have taken a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions our customers have:

Can you install a glass splashback on tiles?

Tiles are a very common material in kitchens and bathrooms, but their use in areas where there is a high risk of splashing from cooking or washing can make them hard to clean, particularly in the grout. 

Adding a kitchen glass splashback helps to protect your tiles and make the area much simpler to clean. However, it is important to remember that it will increase the depth of your walls slightly, so you might need to refit sockets if they are nearby. When attaching a glass splashback to a tile wall, you will need to ensure that it is securely fixed to your wall. 

Can a clear glass splashback be installed over paintwork or wallpaper?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of clear glass splashbacks that are perfect for use over painted walls and wallpaper. 

Can you cut splashbacks to size?

Of course, all of our glass splashbacks are made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit in your home. 

What colours do your glass splashbacks come in?

We know that no two homes are the same. That is why we offer a huge variety of colours. We offer every RAL colour alongside any standard options from Dulux and Crown. We even provide a colour matching service to guarantee the ultimate décor. 

Do you offer patterns?

We can add any pattern that you would like for your splashback.

Do you do mirrored splashbacks?

We do. Our comprehensive range offers splashbacks and tinted mirror options.

Are your glass splashbacks toughened?

They are. All of our splashbacks are made from toughened glass, ensuring they are highly durable and can withstand daily life. 

What is the thickness of your splashbacks?

Our glass splashbacks are 6mm in thickness. 

Do you need to replace your splashbacks? 

Our durable solutions can last for many years and do not need to be replaced. However, should you want to remove them, then they can be easily taken off your wall as required. 

What happens if the glass splashback becomes scratched or chipped?

All of our glass splashbacks are made from durable toughened glass, minimising the risk of chipping or scratching. However, in the rare chance that this does happen, the splashback should be replaced. 

Are they heat resistant? 

All of our splashbacks are resistant up to 350°C. 

How do you know the right size?

Our customers can provide us with the exact measurements and fit the splashbacks themselves. If you need support, then check out our measuring guides here. 

Is glass better than acrylic?

Acrylic can be scratched very easily, whereas our durable toughened glass solutions are far more resistant to damage and scratches. 

Are glass splashbacks better than tiles?

Tiles are often restricted by their shape and size, whereas glass can be perfectly cut to meet any design or requirements. Glass is also far easier to keep clean, ensuring your bathroom or kitchen always looks fantastic.

How easy are they to maintain?

Our toughened glass splashbacks require very minimal maintenance, simply needing to be wiped clean occasionally. 

How do I purchase a splashback?

Customers simply need to provide us with their measurements, chosen design and fixing options and our expert team will create a custom quote. From there, they can simply purchase online, and the splashback will be delivered to their home! 

How are the splashbacks made?

All of our splashbacks are made from toughened glass. This is a heat treatment that helps to increase the strength, ensuring that it is around five times more durable than normal glass. Not only that, but should the glass face a significant impact, it will shatter into tiny blunt sections, reducing the risk of cuts from sharp shards. 

Can you cut a glass splashback?

While toughened glass can be cut at home, it is not something that we would recommend. Cutting too far will cause the glass to shatter, which is why it is recommended that you leave it to the professionals. All of our solutions are made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit. 

Can a glass splashback be added to a gas hob?

As long as there is a good gap between your pots and pans and the glass surface, then there is no problem to add a glass splashback with a gas hob. Continuous cycles of heating and cooling can cause issues with the glass, so the bigger the distance, the better. 

How do you fit glass splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks are very easy to fit as long as they have been measured correctly. There are two primary methods of affixing a glass splashback, the first using adhesive and the second using screw fixings. 

Adhesive is the most straightforward method and works best on flat surfaces, while screw fixings are best suited on rougher walls such as brickwork. 

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