Can You Drill Holes & Cut Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass plays a key role around our home, helping to provide a strong and durable pane of glass that will not shatter or smash. Toughened glass, otherwise known as safety glass, is created by putting the glass through a special chemical and thermal process that results in it shattering into tiny pieces upon impact. 

One very common question that our customers ask is whether it is possible to drill a hole or cut toughened glass. However, you cannot do this, and the pane would completely shatter if attempted. 

Why can you not drill holes and cut toughened glass?

Due to the unique way that it is manufactured, the glass is designed to break into many tiny pieces, ensuring there are no sharp or dangerous shards. However, while this makes it a fantastic safety feature it also means it is impossible to cut or drill a hole through it without it shattering. 

This means that the glass needs to be cut and shaped into the right position before it undergoes the process for toughening. 

How do you identify toughened glass?

While trying to drill your glass would help you to instantly see if it were toughened or not, this will also see it completely shatter. Thankfully, there are some ways to identify toughened glass:

  • Edges

One way to identify toughened glass is to look at the edges. Due to the manufacturing process, the edges should feel smooth to the touch. However, if it feels rough then it might not be toughened yet. 

  • Visible imperfections 

If you notice some slight distortions or bending, then it could be another indication that it is toughened. This is due to the heating procedure. 

  • Use polarised glasses 

You can also tell if glass is toughened or not by wearing polarised glasses. These will help you to clearly see the surface and if there are signs of shading or spots it indicates the glass is toughened. 

Cutting and drilling glass 

Although it is not possible to cut toughened glass, standard and annealed glass can be shaped, cut and drilled to meet your requirements. This means that you should get your windows, splashbacks, shower doors or shelving cut to the perfect fit first before you undergo the toughening process. 

If you are looking for made to measure and cut to size glass, Me and My Glass is here to help you. Our highly experienced team is here to help you transform your home so get in touch today to find out more!

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